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Freshen up your space with professional wool rug cleaning services.

A wool rug can add an extra dash of elegance or dimension to your living room or bedroom when it’s properly maintained. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to take proper care of their wool rugs, which can cause stains to set into the rug fibers and lead to discoloration, foul odors, and dirt accumulation. If you have a wool rug that hasn’t been professionally cleaned in the past year, our team here at JL Williard Carpet Care strongly encourages you to schedule a wool rug cleaning service in the near future.

Wool Rug Cleaning in High Point, North Carolina

In general, it’s recommended to get your rugs and carpets cleaned annually to keep them looking, smelling, and feeling great. If you forgo wool rug cleaning for several years, your rug won’t just look worn out; it’ll actually trap more allergens and contaminants within the fibers. Annual wool rug cleaning will remove any buildup to restore your rugs to their soft, vibrant condition.

When you contact our wool rug cleaning professionals, we’ll come directly to your High Point, North Carolina residence to provide you with a free quote and inform you of our cleaning recommendations. If you approve of our plans, we will carefully transport your rug back to our warehouse, where we’ll get straight to work applying the best cleaning products to treat any stains and odors. Then, we’ll allow the rug to dry completely before bringing your rug back to your home in its refreshed and restored condition.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, simply give us a call today!