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Keep your area rugs in pristine condition with our professional cleaning service.

Area rugs can really help to tie your space together with a variety of colors, patterns, or textures that suit your tastes. However, area rugs can also become very dirty over time as you, your kids, your pets, or visitors track in dirt or other debris. A dull and dirty area rug does little for your space, and it may even trigger allergies. Luckily, we know what to do when you’re struggling to get your area rugs back in good condition. Turn to our team at JL Williard Carpet Care for area rug cleaning, and we’ll provide the results you deserve.

Area Rug Cleaning in High Point, North Carolina

We approach area rug cleaning with the same attention to detail we provide with any of our other professional cleaning services. We’ll begin by picking up your rug and taking it to our warehouse. There, we’ll use our high-quality equipment and products to remove all the dirt, pollutants, and other substances that have become trapped in the fibers. This is process requires great care to not only eliminate contaminants and stains but also to ensure your area rug dries properly in a controlled environment. Proper drying will preserve the area rug’s colors. When we’re finished, we’ll deliver your area rug to you.

As a family-owned business that has been serving local customers for 42 years, we are proud to provide professional area rug cleaning to the High Point, North Carolina community. We care about your satisfaction, and we encourage you to reach out for more information or a free quote. Contact us today.