4 Area Rug Care Tips from the Experts: Keep Your Rugs Looking Great

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Area rugs add warmth, color, and texture to your living spaces, significantly improving your home’s overall aesthetic and comfort. Following proper care and maintenance practices is critical to ensure that your rugs retain their beauty for years.

4 Area Rug Care Tips from the Experts: Keep Your Rugs Looking Great

At JL Williard Carpet Care, we understand the importance of keeping your area rugs in good condition. Here are four area rug care tips to follow:

  1. Rotate Your Rugs Regularly. Foot traffic and exposure to sunlight can cause uneven wear and fading on your area rugs. Rotate your rugs every six months to a year, depending on the traffic they receive, to maintain consistent color and wear patterns. Rotating your rugs will help to distribute wear evenly and extend each rug’s lifespan.
  2. Vacuum with Caution. Use the appropriate vacuum setting for the rug you’re cleaning. To avoid damaging delicate rugs, such as silk or antique rugs, use the vacuum’s brushless suction head or a soft brush attachment. Adjust the vacuum’s height setting for thicker rugs to ensure proper suction. Additionally, avoid vacuuming the rug’s fringe, which can quickly become tangled or damaged by the rotating brush.
  3. Avoid Sunlight and Spills. Prolonged sunlight exposure can cause your area rugs to fade over time. To avoid this, use window coverings such as blinds or curtains during peak hours to reduce direct sunlight on your rugs. Spills and stains are unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to protect your rugs from permanent damage. A rug pad can help prevent spills from penetrating the rug and staining the flooring beneath. Additionally, immediately blotting spills with a clean, dry cloth can help reduce the risk of permanent stains.
  4. Schedule Professional Cleanings. While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are important parts of area rug care, you should still schedule professional cleanings at least once a year. Professional rug cleaners have the knowledge and equipment to remove stubborn dirt, allergens, and stains that at-home cleaning methods may not be able to remove.

Follow these expert area rug care tips to ensure that your rugs stay in excellent condition for years. Contact us today if you need help to keep your area rugs in good condition.